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Bauhan Publishing is an independent Publisher in Peterborough, New Hampshire. We focus on New England regional books in the areas of history, art, nature studies, and poetry, as well as venturing into thoughtful books that explore sustainability of both the earth and the spirit.

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SydneyCover_WebOne Man’s Family

Sydney M. Williams, III

Paperback, 160 pp. 6 x 9, Gatefold
ISBN: 978-0-87233-175-4
June 2014





Stonlea: A Timeworn Gilded Age Survivor Transformed

Peter W. Clement and Victoria Chave Clement

Hardcover, 136 pp. 9.75 x 10.25
ISBN: 978-0-87233-179-2
May 2014



ClaremontBoy_CoversmClaremont Boy

Joseph D. Steinfield

Paperback, 232 pp. 6 x 9, Gatefold
ISBN: 978-0-87233-173-0
May 2014




David Koehn
Paperback, 112 pp. 6.5 x 8.5
The 2013  May Sarton NH Poetry Prize Winner!
ISBN: 978-0-87233-177-8
April 2014



Raking the Winter Leaves: New and Selected Poems

Gary Margolis
Paperback, 240 pp. 6 x 9, Gatefold
ISBN: 978-0-87233-171-6

November 2013




Come Down to Earth


Nils Michals

The 2012  May Sarton NH Poetry Prize Winner!
Paperback, 96 pp, 6×9
ISBN: 978-0-87233-169-3

December 2013




Dwelling in Possibility: Searching for the Soul of Shelter

Howard Mansfield
Paperback, 240 pp. 6 x 9, Gatefold
ISBN: 978-0-87233-167-9

September 2013



UncleJohnCoverUncle John: Portraits of a True Yankee Farmer

by Georgia Sheron; introduction by Ann Beattie
ISBN: 978-0-87233-160-0
Hardcover – 11″ x 8 1/2″ – 192 pages




McEwen_MusicInTheAirMusic Hiding in the Air: A Memoir of Rory McEwen

by Christian McEwen
ISBN: 987-0-87233-166-2
Paperback, 80 pages, 7″ x 7″





The Next Hunger

by Kimberly Cloutier Green
ISBN: 978-0-87233-162-4
Paperback – 6″ x 9″ – 96 pages





9780872331570Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo

by: Sy Montgomery, illus. Judith Oksner
ISBN: 978-0-87233-156-3
Paperback – 7″ x 9″- 64 pages, 64 color illustrations


LikeaBird_CoverLike a Bird Flying Home: Poetry and Letters to His Daughter from New Hampshire

by Walter Clark; Edited by Francelia Mason Clark and Alison Clark
ISBN: 978-0-87233-158-7
Paperback – 6″ x 9″ – 176 pages



Waltzing With Bracey, A Long Reach Home

by Brenda Gilchrist
ISBN: 978-0-87233-152-5
5.5×8.5, soft cover with flaps, 216 pages, color photographs throughout, $21.95


The Wreck of Birds

Poems by Rebbeca Givens Rolland,
winner of the first May Sarton New Hampshire Prize

ISBN: 978-087233-154-9
6×9 soft cover, 96 pages, $15.00


Another Language: Portraits of Assistance Dogs and Their People

by Jeanne Braham
ISBN: 978-0-87233-150-1
7×9, soft cover with flaps, 144 pages, color photographs throughout, $21.95

World Enough & Time On Creativity and Slowing Down

by Christian McEwen
ISBN: 978-087233-146-4, 368 pages, $22.95

Opening the Window: Sabbath Meditations

by Leaf Seligman

ISBN: 978-087233-148-8, 232 pages

It’s Not About the Hike

by Nancy Sporborg

ISBN: 978-0-87233-142-6, Soft cover 7”x9”, 368 pages, $34.95, illustrated with 245 photographs.



Inside New England

by Judson D. Hale, Sr.

ISBN 978-0-87233-140-2, 6″x9″, 272 pages, $19.95, illustrated by Randy Miller

Other Popular Books

The Adventures of M. James: A Sailor’s Diary aboard the U.S.S. Monterey, CVL-26

World War II

By Michael James

ISBN: 978-0-97620-462-6, Paperback,  Price: $26.00

Crocodile Shoes

By James Wilde

ISBN: 978-0-87233-137-7, Paperback, Price: $15.00


A children’s book by Cosy Sheridan

illustrated by Chad Niehaus

The Challenge of Authentic Education: Joyful Learning in a School Community

by Jay and Toni Garland

ISBN: 978-0-87233-135-8, Paperback, Price: $24.00

In the Wake of Home

poems by

Christian McEwen

ISBN:978-0-87233-134-1, Paperback, Price: $14.95

Gustave Dore’s London: A Study of the City in the Age of Confidence, 1848-1873

(Monograph / Frederic Lindley Morgan Chair of Architectural Design)

ISBN:978-0-87233-134-1, Paperback, Price: $12.95

Ruins as Architecture

Thomas J. McCormick

ISBN:978-0-87233-117-4, Paperback, Price: $12.50

Saint Sophia at Constantinople

by W. Eugene Kleinbauer

ISBN:978-0-87233-123-5, Paperback, Price: $12.50

Opening Book

by Patrick Gillespie

ISBN:978-0-87233-125-3, Paperback, Price: $12.50

A Surgeon in Combat

by Dr. William V. McDermott

ISBN:978-0-87233-120-4, Hardcover, Price: $30.00

Nora S. Unwin: Artist and Wood Engraver

by Linda Clark McGoldrick

ISBN:9780872330979, Paperback, Price: $32.00