Leaf has been writing fervently since childhood. Stories, letters to the editor, journals, poems, plays, novels, essays, sabbath meditations. She has learned to distinguish what needed to be written and what needed to be read. Writing has always been the primary way she has made sense of her surroundings, sort out emotions, develop ideas and connect with people. She studied fiction writing and poetry at the University of New Hampshire where she earned an MA in writing; she studied playwriting at Brandeis; and she earned an M.Div. from Harvard. She started teaching writing in 1985, as a graduate assistant at the University of New Hampshire, and a volunteer at the Rockingham County jail. She has taught writing ever since at two universities, a college, two prisons, two jails, and a variety of community settings. After ten years as a Unitarian Universalist minister, she has happily returned to a writing-centered life. Her new venture, Opening the Window—Writing That Matters offers writing guidance and experiences for individuals and groups in a variety of settings.


  • Check out her upcoming conference at Star Island (on the Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire)

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