Distributor Information


Our distributors are the amazing Casemate Group. Please place orders with them directly or with the Parson Weems reps listed below.


Casemate IPM:
Tel: 1-610-853-9131
Fax: 1-610-853-9146
E-mail: casemate@casematepublishers.com
Contact Kate Stein  at kate.stein@casematepublishers.com for discounts.

Our Casemate’s reps are:
Parson Weems Publisher Services
Tel: (914) 948-4259
Fax: (866) 861-0337
E-mail: office@parsonweems.com
Website: www.parsonweems.com

The New England rep is Chris Kerr:
866 Adams St, 2
Boston, MA 02124-5206
Phone / Fax: (914) 478-5751
Send an e-mail to Chris Kerr