Celibacy, A Love Story

Memoir of a Catholic Priest’s Daughter

Mimi Bull

9 x 6, Paperback



Sept 21, 2019



In the midst of a diverse, well-traveled life, Mimi Bull discovered that her life story, as she had always known it, was completely untrue. Upon her mother’s death, she learned that the parish priest who had been named as her “guardian,” and who was involved with her life until his early death at the end of her freshman year at Smith College, was really her father. In an elaborate scheme to protect her mother and her father, her grandmother had adopted her as her own, so Mimi believed that her mother was her sister until she was thirty-five. What the discovery led her to was the deep and abiding love both between her parents, and for her.


As the story unfolds, its spreading impact, the dark effects of its necessary secrecy on the writer and her family is both anguished and eventually triumphant as the writer finds her identity and her voice.



Mimi Bull, a native New Englander, raised her three children as a headmaster’s wife at schools in Istanbul; Vienna; Sedona, Arizona; and San Antonio, Texas. Her professional life included arts administration; and research assistance to scholar diplomat, George Kennan, and architect and environmental planner, Victor Gruen. In her fifties she received a master’s degree in counseling, with a concentration in geriatrics. She makes her home in the Monadnock region of southern New Hampshire.