Nils Michals

96 pp.

6×9, Paperback


December 2013




NILS MICHALS is the winner of the May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize in 2012, and has also written the book Lure, which won the Lena-Miles Wever Todd award in 2004. His poetry has been featured in The Bacon Review, diode, White Whale Review, Bay Poetics, The Laurel Review and Sonora Review. He teaches at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


Nils Michals is alternately healed and wounded by the tension between the timeless machinations of humankind and the modern machinery that lifts us beyond—and plunges us back to—our all-too-human, earthly selves. Supported by minimally narrative, page-oriented forms, his poems transcribe poetry’s intangibles—love, loss, hope, a sense of the holy—in a language located somewhere between devotional and raw, but they mourn and celebrate as much of what is surreal in today’s news as of what is familiar in the universal mysteries . . . Come Down to Earth is a ‘long villa with every door thrown open’”

—Alice B. Fogel, 2012 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize judge, New Hampshire Poet Laureate, and author of Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook for The Reluctant Reader and Be That Empty


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