FindingPhil_Cover_FINALFinding Phil

Paul Levy

224 pp.

6 x 9, Paperback with color illustrations, plus maps


June 2016



Paul Levy was a year old when his Uncle Phil was killed in World War II, and his family, like many, faced their grief with silence. Upon retirement, and seventy years after his uncle’s death, he set out to discover what might still be found about Phil. At every step, research led to unexpected turns, and ultimately revealed a vivid portrait of Phil’s life and, astoundingly, of his death. In the process, the author also gained insights into war, antisemitism, family silences, and heroism, and encountered intriguing and sometimes famous characters who had touched Phil’s life.


Paul Levy and his wife, Elizabeth, are retired and live in Concord, New Hampshire. Paul had careers as a poverty lawyer, social worker, and professor of human services. Currently, he is active in social justice issues and is a frequent contributor to the Concord Monitor.


Listen to Paul Levy’s interview with Laura Knoy, host of NHPR Exchange