Nancy Sporborg

368 pp.

7 x 9, Paperback, illustrated with 245 photographs




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“Avid peakbaggers and armchair adventurers alike will enjoy this exciting and beautifully illustrated journey through the high peaks of New Hampshire and New England. Whether slogging through summer heat or breaking trail through knee-deep powder, Nancy Sporborg and her stalwart hiking companion, Pat Piper, meet the challenges of the trail with grace and good humor. Nancy’s vivid trip reports and fine color photos bring the reader into the heart of the mountains, while also telling a story of personal growth and the enduring strength of friendship.” –Steve Smith and Mike Dickerman, authors of The 4,000-Footers of the White Mountains.

For the past two years Nancy Sporborg and Pat Piper have enthralled audiences across New England with the stories and lessons learned on their five-year journey up and over 190 mountains in New England, both in their presentations and with the hike reports on their website Now by popular demand, Nancy has turned it all into this wonderful book.

According to Sporborg, the book is not about hiking at all, but rather about the journey through life and becoming all we are meant to be. “We all have our own mountain to climb. It might be a 4,000-footer in the White Mountains, or it might be tackling a difficult project at work, raising children, caring for aging parents, dealing with illness, making ends meet in a difficult economy, starting an exercise program or finding more meaning in life. Whatever the mountain, the journey and the lessons are universal.” With humor, candor and revealing insight into her own life, Sporborg shares her life-changing process and the revelations with the reader in a way that will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired to take your next step in life with renewed enthusiasm.

368 pages, illustrated with 245 photographs.
Soft cover
ISBN: 978-0-87233-142-6