Saint Sophia at Constantinople

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Saint Sophia at Constantinople

by W. Eugene Kleinbauer

Saint Sophia is surely one of the most-discussed buildings in the history of architecture. . . The quantity of information about Saint Sophia is vast; how, then, is this little book different from the rest? Kleinbauer examines contemporary, as well as ancient sources of Byzantine architecture, . . . in a book so clearly written that students will find it invaluable and so thoroughly researched that scholars will be unable to ignore it, he achieves that goal.

—from the introduction by Stephanie J. Maloney

Trained at Berkeley and Princeton, and Professor of Fine Arts and Near Eastern Languages at Indiana University, Eugene Kleinbauer is a noted scholar and author of several books on Early Christian and Byzantine art and architecture. He was the 16th holder of the Frederick Lindley Morgan Chair of Architectural Design at the University of Louisville. This study of Saint Sophia grows out of his 1995 Morgan Lecture.

Format: Paperback

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