Sy Montgomery

Illustrations by Judith Oksner

64 pp.

7 x 9, Paperback, 64 color illustrations







This is the true story of how an unwanted cockatoo achieved international fame as a YouTube sensation (more than 5 million hits!), television star, and scientific study subject, all by rocking out to the beat of his favorite tunes. Snowball tells the story with his own spirited psitticine spin. But everything he says is true, including how he inspired the World’s First Bird Dance-Off Contest, became the subject of a groundbreaking study about music and the brain, and has now gone into teaching children how to dance and doing charity work.
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Snowball (R) on “Animals At Work” tv show

Snowball and Irena on The Fox Morning Show

Snowball’s Snowy Christmas

SnowBall And Friends: Food For Thought

Bird Grooves to the Beat

Snowball on Animal Planet’s ‘Most Outrageous Animals’

For lots of other videos of Snowball, go to the You Tube channel: Bird Lovers Only Rescue

Click here for information about Dr. Ani Patels’ study of Snowball.

Useful information:

Sy Montgomery’s website
Judith Oksner’s website
Great site for all things “bird”
World Parrot Trust

Snowball rockin' out!

Snowball rockin’ out!

Snowball lives at Bird Lovers Only, which is a not-for-profit, donation-based rescue service for unwanted, abused, and special needs parrots. Bird Lovers Only relies on charitable support so that it can continue to conduct music cognition studies with Snowball, to assist in finding new homes for parrots, and to educate the public on parrot intelligence.


Want to support its work? Write to Snowball and his friends at the address below, or visit the website!

Bird Lovers Only
560 Pond View Drive
Duncan, S.C. 29334