Christian McEwen

Illustrated by Laetitia Bermejo

400 pp.

4 x 5, Paperback





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A mini treasure-house of poems and quotations, centered on creativity and slowing down

We called him tortoise because he taught us. —Lewis Carroll

A daily reader of prayer and meditation in serving the practice of lectio divina or “divine reading” based on the twelve chapters of Christian McEwen’s 2011 book called World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down.

Things on Table 2Focusing in turn on different subjects, each month introduces a new subject ranging from “the art of slowing down,” considering good company and conversation, investigating “child time,” to the joys and relaxation to be found in walking. Those who are familiar with Christian’s original text will recognize many of the entries, which have been arranged so as to flow smoothly from one to the next, helping to deepen and clarify each particular theme.

The title is drawn, with laughing gratitude, from Lewis Carroll (see the epigraph, above), though it has more ancient origins too. In The Tortoise Diaries, Christian McEwen gives her readers beautiful insight of how slowness can open doors to sustained creativity.

image 4Christian McEwen was born in London and grew up in the Borders of Scotland. Her most recent book, also with Bauhan Publishing, World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down is in its fifth printing. In addition, she has edited four anthologies, including Naming the Waves: Contemporary Lesbian Poetry, and Jo’s Girls: Tomboy Tales of High Adventure, True Grit & Real Life. She has written for the Nation and the Village Voice, and her poems and essays have been widely published. McEwen has taught poetry, environmental literature and creative writing at a number of different venues, including The Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, Williams College, Smith College, and Lesley University. She has been a fellow, several times, at the Yaddo and MacDowell colonies, and lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

foto leti 002For many years, Laetitia Bermejo has painted the wild and willing figures she met and knew in many places around the world. She trained, swam and flew, bringing her pen and blank book along. She sat and walked and drew, her life as a poem with her paintings as her song. Born in Leeds in England of French and Spanish parents, Bermejo received a Fine Arts degree at Slade School, University College, London. She lives in Mallorca.