Water Connections

What fresh water means to us, what we mean to water

Jim Rousmaniere

200 pp., 9 x 6, Paperback



May 17, 2019

Water Connections focuses on how bodies of water have been affected by changes in technology, economic values, new forms of pollution, new ideas about nature and the occasionally unintended consequences of human action. The time period is from the industrial revolution to the present day. The geographic scope is largely New England but also includes recent experiences in other parts of the United States and the world.  The book is as much about people as it is water with stories about conservationists, artists, reservoir managers, government officials, water power people, fishermen, scientists and ordinary citizens around water.

After graduating from Harvard, Jim Rousmaniere surveyed irrigation canals In southern India as a Peace Corps volunteer and then began a 43-Year Career in journalism. He reported on economics in The Washington Bureau of The Baltimore Sun before being named editor and president of The Keene (NH) Sentinel from which he is now retired. He lives in Roxbury, New Hampshire with his wife, a holistic nutrition counselor, and is the father of three daughters and one granddaughter. He is active in town governance and community affairs.

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